Agricultural Lighting

ONCE® animal-centric lighting systems go beyond traditional LEDs by offering a SOLUTION designed to simultaneously improve production and animal welfare.


We research the science of light exclusively for the agricultural market and incorporate the findings into commercial patented technologies.


At ONCE®, we base our technology on decades of proven research so both the animals and your bottom line benefit, leaving you to feel confident with your informed decision.


By incorporating photo-biology into innovative technologies, ONCE® can minimize sudden changes in light and provide natural daylight simulation, reducing animal stress and improving welfare.


Every single day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset.

Learn how you can improve animal welfare and experience optimal results by providing them with this natural part of life.

Latest News

August 02 2018

A recap on the ONCE sponsored symposium at the 2018 Annual PSA Meeting last week

Last week at the 2018 Annual Poultry Science Association Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, ONCE sponsored a symposium entitled, “Novel applications of light applied to poultry production: Influencing growth, behavior and biosecurity”. The symposium gave a great overview of traditional lighting topics, like the importance of wavelength, intensity and photoperiod when raising animals in indoor […]

July 26 2018

What Problem Do Windows Solve?

Our thoughts on the recommendations to install windows into poultry houses.   Innovation typically comes from recognizing a problem, proposing a logical and cost-effective solution, implementing the solution in a limited way and collecting data to prove or disprove the efficacy of the solution before rolling it out on a greater scale. Taking into consideration […]

July 17 2018

Latest research findings on light applied to poultry production at upcoming PSA Annual Meeting

PLYMOUTH, MN (July 17th, 2018) – Once Inc. (ONCE)  sponsors a symposium entitled, “Novel applications of light applied to poultry production: Influencing growth, behavior and biosecurity” at the 2018 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting this month. The latest research involving lighting and poultry will be presented by seven distinguished speakers from Academia and Industry. […]