Agricultural Lighting

ONCE® animal-centric lighting systems go beyond traditional LEDs by offering a SOLUTION designed to simultaneously improve production and animal welfare.


We research the science of light exclusively for the agricultural market and incorporate the findings into commercial patented technologies.


At ONCE®, we base our technology on decades of proven research so both the animals and your bottom line benefit, leaving you to feel confident with your informed decision.


By incorporating photo-biology into innovative technologies, ONCE® can minimize sudden changes in light and provide natural daylight simulation, reducing animal stress and improving welfare.


Every single day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset.

Learn how you can improve animal welfare and experience optimal results by providing them with this natural part of life.

Latest News

June 05 2018

PRESS RELEASE: ONCE BioShift chamber stands up to real-world bio-security challenges

PLYMOUTH, MN (June 6, 2018) – ONCE®, the world’s only supplier of research-based agricultural lighting systems, has confirmed their BioShift® Pass-Through Germicidal UV Chamber can efficiently decrease the possibility of a porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) viral outbreak. While previous research demonstrated the efficacy of the BioShift® to disable PED and Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome […]

May 08 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Breakthrough in animal welfare—UV-A environment enrichment

PLYMOUTH, MN (May 8, 2018) – Scientists at ONCE, in conjunction with two major US universities, have found that the addition of an Ultraviolet A (UV-A) spectrum into animal housing lighting reduces stress levels by a significant margin. This reduction of stress represents possibly the biggest breakthrough for poultry animal welfare in recent history.   […]

April 19 2018

Why use natural enhanced lighting in your facility

The newest and most advanced lighting technology available on the market today. Introduction  Last week we wrote about What Enhanced Natural Lighting is. This week, we explain why use it and issues you may experience if you’re not.   Background Enhanced natural lighting goes beyond traditional LED technologies by replicating the light intensity and jungle-like green spectrum of a birds’ natural […]