Agricultural Lighting

ONCE® animal-centric lighting systems go beyond traditional LEDs by offering a SOLUTION designed to simultaneously improve production and animal welfare.


We research the science of light exclusively for the agricultural market and incorporate the findings into commercial patented technologies.


At ONCE®, we base our technology on decades of proven research so both the animals and your bottom line benefit, leaving you to feel confident with your informed decision.


By incorporating photo-biology into innovative technologies, ONCE® can minimize sudden changes in light and provide natural daylight simulation, reducing animal stress and improving welfare.


Every single day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset, but not every day is ideal.

It can be for your animals.

Latest News

July 12 2019

Acquisition News in the International Poultry Production magazine out now!

An announcement of our recent acquisition by Signify, the world leader in lighting, appears in the International Poultry Production Volume 27 Number 4 (2019) magazine out now! Check it out.

June 28 2019

The beginning of our new R&D facility

Over the last decade scientists have confirmed that certain light spectrums are critical to the welfare of animals and increasing their production. We are committed to furthering exploration through advancing technologies with our new research and development facility! Watch our team work towards this commitment.  

May 20 2019

Signify acquires animal-centric lighting experts Once Inc. and iLOX to capture attractive growth in agricultural lighting

May 20, 2019 Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, expands its business for agricultural lighting as it acquires Once Inc., based in Plymouth, Minnesota, and iLOX, based in Vechta, Germany. ONCE and iLOX are market leaders in the design and manufacturing of animal-centric lighting. These tailor-made lighting systems improve […]