Dr. Aaron Stephan presents at the Poultry Tech Summit, November 20-22

Aaron Stephan, Ph.D., director of biological R&D at ONCE, will present The Biology of Happiness: Transforming poultry welfare with science-based approaches at Watt Global Media‘s Poultry Tech Summit happening this week, November 20-22, in Atlanta, GA.  In his presentation, Aaron will propose a new, and innovative, approach to how animal welfare metrics are determined in the […]
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The beginning of our new R&D facility

Over the last decade scientists have confirmed that certain light spectrums are critical to the welfare of animals and increasing their production. We are committed to furthering exploration through advancing technologies with our new research and development facility! Watch our team work towards this commitment.  
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Signify acquires animal-centric lighting experts Once Inc. and iLOX to capture attractive growth in agricultural lighting

May 20, 2019 Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, expands its business for agricultural lighting as it acquires Once Inc., based in Plymouth, Minnesota, and iLOX, based in Vechta, Germany. ONCE and iLOX are market leaders in the design and manufacturing of animal-centric lighting. These tailor-made lighting systems improve […]
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Experience optimal results with new technologies

Be the first to take advantage of new technologies with the adaptable, easy-to-use and next-generation compatible AgriShift® G Controller.  Unlike other dimmers, it is designed to optimize the performance of existing ONCE® technologies and AC lighting fixtures, resulting in significantly less flicker with reduced stress and greater welfare for the animals.
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Poultry lighting trends, insights into the role of LEDs

Written by Melanie Epp, for Canadian Poultry Magazine. In caged housing, laying hens respond well to artificial lighting. But as producers transition from traditional cages to aviaries, enriched colonies and free-range systems, questions about lighting will surface. Why is lighting important for poultry? And how do you choose the right lighting for each system? Two poultry […]
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Press Release: ONCE Director of Biological R&D is Speaker at IA Egg Symposium

PLYMOUTH, MN (September 18, 2018) – Dr. Aaron Stephan, Director of Biological R&D at Once Inc. (ONCE), will present Basics of Lighting in Lay Farms at the Iowa Egg Industry Symposium next month. The single-day symposium will touch on an assortment of topics pertaining to layer management including genetics, vaccination, management and flock biosecurity. Stephan will […]
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