Why Red Light Matters in Layer Barns

Why do we need red lighting in layer barns? What does the red light do? More and more farmers are getting interested in LED lighting. Not only is LED more energy efficient and saves you money, it now allows you to use certain shades of colors and dimmers to help with your egg production.   […]
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5 Major Benefits of Poultry LED Lighting

Chickens raised using a poultry LED lighting system have been found to produce higher quantity and quality of eggs, develop into maturity at a faster rate and enjoy an improved standard of health as compared to chickens raised under traditional light sources. Using an LED system could tremendously help your broiler or layer farm. Here […]
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LED vs Traditional Lighting

As you can see from the graph above LED lamps are way more effective that Traditional Lighting. This has been a controversry for some time now but numbers do not lie. With up to eight times greater efficiencies than traditional incandescent bulbs and easily conquering those of fluorescent lamps, LEDs are becoming preferred light sources […]
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Why does color light matter in Barns?

Animals see colors differently than humans do.  By understanding how a particular animal sees colors, we can produce a better quality of light for that particular species.  This can result in more desirable behaviors and enhanced productivity. Lighting products for humans are typically categorized on a white scale.  But remember white light, particularly sunlight is […]
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Top 9 Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lighting

LED is a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. LED bulbs can be seven times more energy efficient and cut energy use by more than 80% than normal than incandescent lights. LED bulbs can last 25,000 (3 years if it runs 24 hours a day) – meaning they […]
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Why Converting Your Barn to LED Lighting is Crucial in Staying Successful in the Market

LEDs are continually gaining popularity and more people are converting their barns. ONCE® focuses on the science of light by creating lighting products specifically and exclusively for the Agricultural market. ONCE® lighting systems are species-specific and establish lighting as a proven input to increase production and calm the animals.   For the Layer market we use Dim-to-Red® technology to increase production. […]
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