AgriShift® G Controller

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AgriShift® G Controller



• Eliminate lighting anomalies
• Reduces the possibility of flicker
• Optimized existing ONCE® technology
• Improving animal stress and welfare
• Dims ONCE® fixtures to lower levels than other controllers
• Compatible with existing ONCE® warranty
• Universal input power

Improve the performance of existing technologies with the AgriShift® G Controller, the only slave dimmer designed for ONCE® AC lighting fixtures. Unlike other dimmers, it enhances existing ONCE® lighting systems, resulting in less flicker with reduced stress and improved welfare for the animals.


Because animals are sensitive to different light intensities and colors of the light spectrum, performance and health can be improved simply by controlling it. Close attention to photoperiods and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs while reducing stress and negative effects on animals, enhancing overall performance.


Artificial lighting programs must be applied with a thorough understanding of an animal’s physiological response to light and an incorporation of various characteristics that are sensitive to the way they interact with such lighting programs. ONCE® proprietary SIAM Technology® applies three key aspects we believe best improves animal welfare and optimizes production through artificial lighting for commercial agricultural facilities:

  1. Spectrum: The whole range of visible light with respect to its wavelength or frequency
  2. Irradiance: The power of electromagnetic radiation per unit area (radiative flux) on a surface
  3. Modulation: Transitioning from one level to another

When using the AgriShift® Controller with ONCE® fixtures and a recommended lighting schedule, you provide animals with smooth dimming and optimized light levels throughout their day/production cycle. This not only maximizes the overall return-on-investment, it can also reduce mortality, improve feed conversion rates and benefit other welfare and productivity enhancements in your animal, like faster weight gain and reduced stress.


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AgriShift® lighting systems “shift” spectrum and intensity, meeting the individual needs of your animals.


Output Current per Channel 5 amps (120V)
4.3 amps (230V)
Output Power per Channel 600W (120V)
1000W (230V)
Output Voltage 120V (120V)
230V (230V)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Analog Input 0-10 VDC input resistance: 28 ohm
Safety Can/CSA C22.2 NO.14, 2013 Ed. 12
UL 508:1999

281 mm X 61.5 mm X 143.4 mm (11.1” X 2.4” X 5.6”)

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