AgriShift® MLM-S for Swine

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Product Description

The AgriShift® MLM-S for swine is a highly efficient lighting fixture designed to evenly distribute light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them. The red spectrum used makes it easy to provide natural daylight simulation for improved productivity.

The AgriShift® MLM-S has a Built For Your Barn® design and is suitable for use in sow barns, gestation buildings, nurseries, gilt development units and finishing facilities. It has a modular build, allowing for easy installation with a retrofit solution that helps eliminate constant replacement cycles.

The Science Behind the Technology

When completing your lighting system with an AgriShift® Controller and ONCE® recommended lighting schedule you provide animals with a natural sunrise/sunset simulation, reducing stress caused by sudden changes in light. The Dim-to-Calm™ technology fully dims to red, which swine perceive as darkness and allows the light to be used as a “service light” so workers can access the facility without disturbing sleep cycles.

Dim-to-Calm™ technology provides daylight simulation and can act as a “service light” when fully dimmed.
Built For Your Barn logo  

A Built For Your Barn® design uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environment for years to come.

AgriShift Icon AgriShift® lighting systems “shift” spectrum and intensity, meeting the individual needs of your animals.

Benefits of the AgriShift® MLM-S for Swine:

• Improves animal welfare
• Advanced system specialized for Swine
• 10W LED equivalent to 75W incandescent
• Fully dimmable daylight and nighttime modes
• Durable, Built For Your Barn® design
• Low-profile, wide beam angle
• Dim-to-Calm™ technology
• Energy provider rebates

Download Product-Specific Print Material

MLM-S Sell Sheet

MLM-S Sell Sheet

Download Swine-Specific Print Material

4 PG Swine Brochure

4 PG Swine Brochure

Color Spectrum

The spectral output graphs below show the AgriShift® MLM-S 120V at 100% (left), compared to it dimmed to 20% right).

Nominal Power 10 W (at full intensity)
Luminous Flux (nominal) 1040 lm human photopic (120V)
Input Voltage 120 VAC/ 60 Hz
Beam Angle 200o
Light Output Equivalence Up to 75W incandescent
Spectral Output Swine-specific full spectrum white
Operating Temperature -20oC to 40oC / -4oF to 104oF
Dimmable Range 100% to 5%, dims to red-white moonlight
Dimmer Type  Phase modulation or amplirude control
Environmental Ratings Suitable for wet locations (JB), ROHS Compliant

Suitable for damp and indoor corrosive environments

 Safety ETL Listed, Conforms to UL standard 1598 (JB)

Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08 (JJ)

Conforms to UL standard 1993 (JJ)

Certified to CDS standard. C22.2 No. 1993 (JJ)

 Rated Life 50,000 hours

Mechanical Dimensions

Junction Box (JB)

Jelly Box (JB) Adapter**

Jelly Jar (JJ)

Jelly Jar (JJ) Adapter**

**Includes (4) stainless steel screws

Mechanical Dimensions

Junction Box (JB)

Jelly Jar (JJ)

**Includes (4) stainless steel screws