AquaShift® MLA-GY for aquaculture

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The AquaShift® MLA-GY is an advanced LED lamp providing white light with enhanced blue and green wavelength. The lamp is fully programmable and can simulate sunrise and sunset. The lamp has an adjustable spectrum with Dim-to-Blue® technology for specific aquaculture applications. It provides significant energy savings over existing lighting solutions and the watertight design withstands harsh aquaculture environments. The modular construction adapts to a wide variety of building configurations while making installation easy. A correct lighting system is a powerful tool that can enhance production and reduce stress on your fish. With a ONCE LED lighting system, you can select the best light intensity and color, as well as photoperiod, to optimize fish performance.

Built Specifically for Aquaculture Conditions

AquaShift® lighting systems withstand the high humidity and harsh conditions of modern aquaculture applications. The AquaShift® MLA-GY is designed to be wet location compatible, National Electrical Code compliant for Agricultural Facilities (Article 547), and ETL listed. The 50,000 hour lifetime is backed by a 5 year (24/7 operation) replacement warranty.

Lighting Layouts and Systems Customized for Your Facility

ONCE is standing by to help you customize the correct layout and lighting program to maximize the productivity of your facility. Please call us for advice on how to deploy the most effective aquaculture lighting layout for your particular species and building layout. We provide a full lighting layout and help you deploy a comprehensive lighting system including proper light levels, stimulus periods, mounting configurations as well as control and protection circuitry.

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Color Spectrum

MLA-GY Spectral Output at 100%

MLA-GY Spectral Output at 100 Percent
MLA-GY Spectral Output at 40%
MLA-GY Spectral Output at 40 Percent

Electrical Specs

MLA-GY Specifications