BioShift® Single-Door UV-C Chamber

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BioShift® Single-Door UV-C Chamber


The BioShift allows me to easily disinfect the equipment I use multiple times a day in between each use. There is nothing to clean up, I do not have to dispose of any chemical disinfectants and I no longer have to remember to change the cold trays every few days.
Curt Leyk, D.V.M.


• Reliable with minimal maintenance
• Eliminates disposal of chemical disinfectants
• Kills potentially pathogenic organisms in a recommended 5 minutes
• Deactivates DNA of potentially harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens
• Leaves no residual disinfectant on instruments
• Eliminates the mess of a cold tray

The BioShift® Single-Door Germicidal UV Chamber is an economically friendly, bio-security tool designed to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in a recommended time of five minutes. It uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to effectively limit cross-contamination and the import of pathogens through everyday items, such as scissors, stethoscopes, thermometers, ophthalmoscopes and forceps.

Made with a front opening door, the BioShift® provides a more reliable and mess free disinfecting solution, while requiring significantly less maintenance. It measures 21.6 in L x 29.5 in W x 23.6” H (548 mm L x 750mm W x 600 mm, allowing for easy placement on top of a counter, without taking up too much valuable space.


The heavy-duty UV chamber is made with a stainless-steel build, UVC germicidal lamps and two, easy-to-use, magnetic doors, which latch securely while allowing for easy opening.



There is one, easy-to-use, magnetic door on the chamber. It latches securely, while allowing for easy opening. To use the BioShift®, simply place an item into the chamber, securely latch the door and press start. Once the machine has started, the BioShift® timer will begin to count down. During this time the door will be locked and unable to open. In the event of an emergency, the BioShift® is equipped with various safety and security features, including magnetic door latches and emergency stop buttons. Once the process is complete the objects can be removed and the process can be repeated.


The BioShift®  chamber uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) germicidal radiation, which provides a cost-effective and immediate way of deactivating the DNA in bacteria and viruses by destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and light intensity. The amount of time UV-C is exposed to any given pathogen is proportional to the amount of killing it does.

Dimensions 21.6 in L x 29.5 in W x 23.6 in H (548 mm L x 750 mm W x 600 mm H)
Recommended Lamp Life 500 Hours
Time Setting Variable 0-999 seconds
Lamp Length 18″ (4 lamps)
Environmental Ratings Operating 45o F (7o C) to 105o (40.5o C) temperature, 10-95% humidity

Storage 32o F (0o C) to 140o F (60o C) temperature, 10-95% humidity

Safety Features Emergency Stop

Start Switch

Open Door – The BioShift® will not operate when the chamber door is

Chamber – The sealed chamber protects users from UV radiation

Window – Users are protected by glass that is not transparent to UVC radiation

Controller – The controller has a countdown timer and allows you to check lamp life

Input Voltage 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Power / Current 80W / 667 mA
Standby Power / Current 7W / 100 mA
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty (excludes UV lamps)

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